Food Restriction and Self Sabotage with Tara Frazier

Hi There! I am Tara Frazier. I am a mother of two young children, a wife, a Professional Makeup Artist, Fitness Influencer, and Health and Fitness Coach.

Health and Fitness was never originally part of my lifestyle, nor was I genetically blessed with a physique that I felt comfortable with or proud of. In order to transform my body, I realized that I need to adapt to a  NEW habit and lifestyle in order to transform both my body and my mentality. I had to learn the tools for success in order to meet my goals and gain the confidence that I craved and dreamt about. My Fitness Journey, and my own Physical and Mental Transformation has molded me into the Athlete and Coach I am today.

Losing over 100 pounds, not only once, but twice in my life, has taught me how to not only transform my body, but transform my MIND. Now, you may read that and think,” wow, TWICE, she lost 100 pounds, twice, neat.” But then again, not so neat. If I lost weight successfully the first time, WHY and HOW did I gain it all back? Good question. The answer, and one I am not proud of, RESTRICTION.

I first learned how to transform my body through a method of restriction, limiting and avoiding specific foods in order to achieve the physical results I craved. I limited dairy, any processes foods, refined carbohydrates, and even FRUIT. I saw results. I knew that my macro/caloric intake was allowing me to meet my results, so I stuck with it, no matter how unhappy I was. I practiced all the typical “bad food labeling” there was, and I am so embarrassed thinking back the habits and behavior that I demonstrated. With TIME, lots of time, extreme accuracy and consistency, I developed a physique I was very confident with. I met my husband in the gym and we both enjoyed living this fit lifestyle together. I remember avoiding all of his suggestions, that I “was too restricted with my food choices,” and I threw them right out the door. I continued on the path I wanted because I was very happy with my new aesthetic, and finally confident of my body. About 7 years later, I was blessed to become pregnant with my first born. I completely stopped exercising, for no medical reason or suggestion, and my pregnancy was filled with over-the-top decadence, since I was so previously restricted and limited with what I allowed myself to consume daily. This practice of restrict, then heavily binge, lead me not only to gain all of my weight loss back, but it left me with a very confused and negative relationship with food. I had to learn the tools for success ALL OVER AGAIN, transform my body, and my lifestyle, yet again. But I knew there had to be another way, a better and balanced way. I was able to transform my body and my mind again, but this time through consistent proper training and flexible and Balanced Nutrition through counting Macros. I did not limit food groups, I did not deprive myself of what I wanted. Instead, I learned how to fit my favorite foods into my daily diet with moderation. Once I realized how amazing I felt both aesthetically but mentally, I felt so foolish what what I had previously practiced. With continued accuracy, consistency and TIME, I never looked back and kept this approach up and eventually this balanced and flexible approach to counting macros felt automatic and like second nature. Years later, I was blessed to become pregnant with my second child. I was able to have very healthy and fit pregnancy the second time around, and I was proud of my physique at all stages.

I am incredibly passionate about educating my clients on balance, and providing them with the tools they need to their goals without food restriction or any negative associations regarding nutrition or fitness. Instead, I love to show my clients that they can achieve any goal and earn the confidence that they crave, through a consistent journey filled with balance, education, inner & outer health, and most importantly HAPPINESS. 

Anyone can achieve their goals, no matter the circumstance, and no matter the obstacles. But, HOW they get there, and HOW they fill in blanks, without restriction, to meet their goal in the end, is the key outcome in my opinion. I would love to show you, that you too, can gain the confidence and happiness that you deserve, for YOURSELF, and no one else.


Tara Frazier

Fitness & Macro Coach, TaraFFit


Coaching Hours: Monday-Friday 5am-5pm CST Saturday 5am-4pm CST


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