What’s the story ?

Cocoa Bar In A Jar was born out of a love of all things chocolate and all things healthy.  But, let’s be real, my story doesn’t start there.  My name is Monique, and I am the creator and founder of CBJ.  Although I am very much a conscious eater now, that wasn’t always the case.  I was a junk-food junkie for most of my youth, all the way into my late twenties.  Ultimately, getting pregnant and delivering my first son in 2008 changed my perspective on food and nutrition altogether.  For the sake of my own health and my family’s, I began to truly value life and what that meant.  I knew I needed to  fuel my body and honor it with nutrient dense foods. Yet, that sweet tooth of mine nagged and proved the victor on many occasions (binge worthy episodes ensued).  Not wanting to be defeated by lack of will or control, I knew that there had to be a compromise.  A balance.  A way to eat healthy and still enjoy the sweetness I craved, guilt-free with respect to myself and our world.

So, work began. I began researching natural and organic ingredients, educating myself about nutrition, and, of course, creating recipe after recipe of chocolate concoctions.  Finally, after a few years, my favorite healthy chocolate, what is known as Cocoa Bar In a Jar today, came to life.  Once I knew I was onto something truly delicious and special, I started sharing it with friends and family (most Christmas’ and birthdays, they could all count on the fact that some CBJ was coming their way).  It made them smile, from the inside out and that was awesome!  People soon decided they didn’t want to wait to the holidays to get their fix and the personal requests and ‘orders’ started to pour in.  Coupled with that, person after person kept telling me I needed to share it!

So here we are, 8 years later.  After a very much organic unfolding of circumstances, countless hours spent in my kitchen, and encouragement from loved ones, Cocoa Bar In a Jar in now a treat anyone can enjoy and not feel an ounce of guilt for.

Here’s to spreading the love as far as I can,  to your health and chocolate smiles!

– Monique