While we do use some organic ingredients (including organic coconut butter), it is not 100%  organic.

Unfortunately, not at this time.

We do not recommend refrigerating Cocoa Bar In A Jar due to the hardening nature of coconut butter.  We suggest storing it at room temperature in a cool dry place.

All orders are delivered fresh upon order. Unopened, Cocoa Bar In A Jar can be stored for up to 6 months.  Once opened, we recommend consuming the jar within 3 months.

Due to the natural hardening nature of coconut butter (much like coconut oil) your spread may be on the fudgier or harder side,  ESPECIALLY in cooler climates and seasons and is how we get that yummy candy shell on our ice cream and how we are able to make healthy chocolate candies by chilling and freezing CBJ!)  To soften, simply place the desired portion in a glass dish and double boil or microwave for 5-10 seconds. 

Due to the high demand, the impact of Covid and the current impact on supply chains, shipping times are delayed.  All IN STOCK orders are shipped within 3-5 business days after purchasing via USPS Priority Mail.  Thank you SO much for the chocolate love and your patience!  You rock!  

Nothing to be concerned about!  That is simply solidified coconut fat that has separated and settled on the surface of your spread.  Once heated the white spots and swirls melt and disappear.  This is assurance that no binders, fillers or artificial ingredients are used.  All jars of CBJ are made fresh just prior to shipping and has a great shelf life!