Best 5 Vegan Instagrams to Follow

Best 5 Vegan Instagrams to Follow

Whether you are vegan or vegetarian and looking to connect with like-minded people, or you’re simply looking for healthy food and lifestyle inspiration, these 5 Instagram accounts are sure to do the trick!  Healthy recipes and gorgeous foodie pics from these accounts will inspire just about anyone to put down those knives and pick up those forks.  Not only will you find healthy meal ideas, but those vegan desserts (how we love our healthy chocolate), oh my!  You need not sacrifice, I promise you.  Now, the list (in no particular order):

1. @minimalistbaker

What’s not to love about this account?  If you glance at Dana’s feed, it’s no wonder why she rocks.  Her recipes are (mostly) plant-based, require 10 ingredients or less and are gluten-free.  Her page is for anyone looking to be healthier.  From the novice to the expert, Dana offers something for everyone.  From vegan lentil sloppy joes, to smoothies, to peanut butter thumbprint cookies, to vegan chocolate milky ways, to eggplant bacon??  Yes and YES!! You will not regret checking this girl out.  She has a cookbook available and a fabulous blog with all her  incredible recipes at


Recipes with 10 ingredients or less, 1 bowl, or 30 minutes to prepare. Mostly plant-based + GF!

2. @elavegan

Love this girl’s page.  Not only does Michaela make some of the most beautiful vegan food and desserts, but I love that she is also mindful of added sugars (the processed kind) and added fats.  If you are someone watching your fat/sugar intake (vegan or not), Michaela is your girl for some sweet (see what I did there?) noms. She posts recipes for sandwiches, bowls, crepes, brownies, and so much more. I dare you to not be inspired.  All of the recipes for the pictures she posts can be found on her blog


Ela Vegan ???? ???? German + English food blogger ???? Ethical vegan ???? #glutenfree + #vegan recipes

3. @purelykaylie

If food is an art, we have a serious contender.  For the most stunningly delicious smoothie, fruit, oatmeal, and “nana” bowls ever, you have got to check out this beautiful girl’s account!  Kaylie posts absolutely gorgeous and droolworthy pictures that would make any meat-eater swoon.  Think mangoes, bananas, kiwi, dragonfruit, raspberries–you name it–all perfectly presented, spliced, and diced. She also has a YouTube where she shares vegan food reviews, recipes and more.  This girl proves that nature’s candy has it goin’ on!


vegan ???? ???? kaylie grace ???? youtube: kaylie grace ???? snapchat: purelykaylie ???????????????????????????????????????? easy vegan desserts video

4. @veggininthecity

Now if you’re more interested in vegan meal ideas, Alex is your girl.  Specializing in avocado toast and vegan buddha bowls (essentially an overstuffed bowl that resembles the belly of Buddha and is filled with all sorts of veggie delights), the inspiration one can get from Alex’s images is limitless.  You’d think with a focus on a few specific types of meals the options would be scarce, but it’s quite the opposite.  Her bowls are full of things like sweet potatoes, rice, and roasted veggies. Her smoothies and nut butters turn average ingredients into something extraordinary. She does not have a blog and only some recipes are listed, BUT if you consider yourself somewhat skilled in the kitchen, I don’t think a recipe is needed.  The photos speak for themselves.


alex ???? New York City Buddha bowls, yoga, wellness ????:

5. @pbeechie

Kim’s Instagram is last but not least. What I find especially keen about this account is the fact that you not only get vegan recipes and #foodporn, but Kim (aka pbeechie) shares personal insight into her life and past struggles. Essentially, you get to know the girl behind the “page.” She has openly discussed her past eating disorder (can you say brave??) and her journey to overcoming fibromyalgia (a chronic disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain, fatigue and tenderness).  That said, you can follow her simply for vegan recipes and food inspiration OR because you identify with her story.  Either way, you can’t go wrong.  She also has a blog where you can access all the recipes and deets on demand,


KIM ???? atlanta biochemist, recipe developer -65 lbs lost | overcoming fibromyalgia active lifestyle | Creamy Miso ramen ????

Here’s to your health!


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