Healthy Airfryer Banana Split

Air fryer Banana Split

As soon as I saw this trend, I KNEW I needed to recreate it using my COCOA BAR IN A JAR Protein PB and COCOA BAR IN A JAR chocolate spread of choice .

To make.

Slice your banana from the stem down to the base, without cutting all the way through or to the very ends keeping the banana in a ‘boat’ shape.  Squeeze open like you would a baked potato and then load in your Protein PB and marshmallows (which make this ooey gooey perfection!). Bake in your airfryer for 7-10 minutes on 350 degrees.  Top with a drizzle of CBJ of choice (I chose Chocolate Brownie Batter here), and a sprinkle of granola for the perfect crunch!

Fast, easy and oh so YUMMMM!! Enjoy!

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